Our Fortuna Sea

Fortuna Sea is a frozen seafood import company, specializing in volume production and dedicated to offering a premium selection of products. Since its founding in 1995, Fortuna Sea has established a respectable reputation for itself within the seafood industry and has developed a strong presence in the U.S. distribution market. In less than ten years, Fortuna Sea has become recognized as one of the largest importers of tuna, tilapia, pollock, squid, swordfish, and frog legs.

From deep sea fishing and farming to processing and packaging, Fortuna Sea embraces every step of the import and export operations in the seafood industry. Building a multifaceted organization allows Fortuna Sea to be in control of its foodservice routines and ensure its buyer base receives the highest quality products. This practice combined with a philosophy of offering pristine service nurtures Fortuna Sea’s principal priorities: proving its reliable brand and growing its successful partnerships with every client.

Fortuna Sea aims to share its trusted seafood brand with consumers and vendors throughout Northern America. With heavy value placed into the fair trade principle, Fortuna Sea strives to provide a continuous supply program, which creates profit potentials for consumers, wholesalers, distributors, processors, as well as retail and restaurant chains. Even more, it promotes the convention of sustainable resources to further healthy eating opportunities. Partnering with Fortuna Sea ensures quality products, competitive prices, and dedicated services.

Our Vision

Fortuna Sea offers quality client services to provide a variety of seafood products at value pricing. We care about:

to providing first-rate products at competitive prices, in addition to pristine customer care.

to uphold sustainable practices through the fair trade principle to ensure healthy eating and earning potentials for all consumers.